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bout Me:
The Short Story:

- Moved to Maine in 1971.

- Took up the clarinet, 5th grade band.

- Started 'serious' guitar practice at age 12 at private school Oak

- First paying gig that same year on guitar.

- Played in pit band for musical production "Jacques Brel is alive and well and living in Paris" for Waterville Theater Company at age 13.

- Joined Air Force Band at age 17. First 2 years in Biloxi, Mississippi. 18 months at Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines, touring Okinawa, Korea, Japan, Guam, and Hawaii. Last 10 months at Travis Air Force Base in California.

- 1986 Opened "David's Music" store in Belfast, Maine and began teaching music lessons.

- 1987 formed rock band DC3. Won Belfast Battle of the Bands 3 years running.

- Played with various other bands, "Faceplant," "Tonto Lavec," "The Willy Kelly Band," and the "Bel-Isle Trio/Quintet."

- I currently play jazz guitar with "The Bel-Isle Trio/Quintet" and "The Ann Delaney Trio" My current rock bands are "Roundabout," and "Three Button Deluxe." I also play solo jazz and classical guitar when occassions permit.

The Long Story:

The first experience with music that I remember, was when I was three. I received a baritone ukelele for Christmas. I took lessons from a local music store my Dad used to teach in "Music Guild" in Danbury, Connecticut. I don't know how long I actually continued with lessons, but I learned chords to a dozen or so Beatles tunes.

Jumping forward a few years after moving to Maine at seven, I took up the clarinet in 5th grade band, and played that continuously through seventh grade. When I moved to a private school (Oak Grove-Coburn) the following year I decided to bury myself in the guitar, as well as play clarinet and sax in the band. I had a few garage band experiences there with school buddies.

I received much of my guitar training from my father, Dan Clarke, a fine jazz guitarist in his own right. When I was twelve or so, after teaching myself how to read from the Berklee Guitar Method, my Dad and I used to play out of the Fake Book, he on melodies while I strummed the rhythm chords. It was a great way to learn many chords, and to keep a steady beat. As I got more experienced, I started taking solos, mostly on the "modal" tunes.

I played my first professional gig at thirteen, a local dance, with musician friends of my Dad's. I don't remember much about it except that I had a good time, and survived the night.

That same year my Dad turned down a gig playing in the 'pit band' for a local Broadway production "Jacques Brel is alive and well and living in Paris." He recommended me, and I got the part. It was a real, two week, 5 shows a week production, and although tough, I think I did well.

Jump forward a few years to public school - Cony High School in Augusta, where as a junior I took two semesters of music theory and lab band in Tom Hoffman's Tentet. I felt pretty honored to get that ensemble, and at one point we video taped in the local TV studio. I wish I knew who might have a copy of that tape!

I graduated a year early, and in January of my "senior year" I enlisted in the Air Force Band, with my first station in Biloxi, Mississippi.

In Biloxi I was appointed to the jazz band...16 members more or less, with a female vocalist...she was the girlfriend of the Senior Master Sargeant who was director of the band. We also broke down into a smaller ensemble (8-10 piece) called Montage, to play private functions off base or off duty in the NCO club.

In the Air Force "Big Band" we toured Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee (just the South West portion), and Louisiana. An average tour would consist of traveling by bus to a community where there was a recruiter who had set up "gigs" at the local schools. We would setup in the gym or auditorium and play for their morning assembly...about a half-hour show, if I remember.

(more to come soon!)
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