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The following supplies are available for purchase at my home or by mail. Postage fees and Maine State Tax (5%) will need to be added to the prices shown for any mailings.
Books - Guitar Accessories - PA Gear - Software
Piano Lesson Book, lev 1A, $5.95
Lesson Book, lev 1B, $5.95
Piano Lesson Book, lev 1B, $5.95
Basic Adult Piano Course, lev 1, $8.95
Piano Chord Dictionary, $4.50
Organ Chord Dictionary, $3.95
Flash Cards, lev 1A/1B, $6.95
Piano lessons, primer, $4.95
Piano Basics, primer, $6.45
Piano Lessons, lev 1, $4.45
The Older Beginner Piano Course, lev 1, $8.95
Musicianship For The Older Beginner, lev 1, $5.45
The Very Young Pianist, lev 1, $6.95
Favorite Classic Melodies, lev 1, $3.95
First Hanon Studies, lev 3, $3.45
Piano Course, lev 2, $5.95
Piano Course, lev 3, $5.95
Piano Student, primer, $5.50
Adult Piano Student, lev 1, $7.50
Royal Conservatory:
Piano Studies Album, lev 1&2, $6.95
Piano Course, red book A, $5.50
Wright-Way Practice Record, $1.95
The Hanon Studies, bk. 1, $3.95
Modern Course for the Piano, book 1, $5.95
Teaching Little Fingers To Play, lev 1, $4.50
Sheet Music:
Theme From Schindler's List, $3.50
Song Books:
Brahms: Klavierwerke, $20.55
Suzanne Vega: Solitude Standing, $12.95
Contemporary Country, $9.95

Guitar Accessories:
Used Items:
PA Gear:
  • New Tosh TM25VC, unpowered monitor with volume control,
    40 watt capacity, 80 peak. Mic stand threads on base.
    List$139. Sell $75.
Used: (and old!)
  • Disk Doubler For Mac. (requires MacPlus or better, system
    6.0.4 orlater) Sell $10.
Other Items:
To include a limited selection of the following:

Strings, Picks, Cords, Straps, Band Accessories, Instructional Videos.
(More items to come soon)

Please feel free to contact me via email or phone.
David's Music
6 Waterville Rd., Belfast, ME, 04915
last updated 05-17-11
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